How to Root BlueStacks 3 [100% Working Guide] 2018


Android is one of the most popular Linux based operating systems. There are billions of application available at google play store which you can install on your android device. Due to the increase in the popularity and demand, developers have built android emulators (like BlueStacks, Memu) which allow us to run Android apps on our Windows or Mac computers.

Android is Linux based so there are many tweaks which you can make your device more powerful. All of these advanced tweaks require a rooted device so that the root app can tweak the internal files of your device.

There are many sites across the web from where you can easily learn ‘how to root an Android device’. Here in this guide, I am going to guide you for ‘how to root BlueStacks 3 Latest version with 2 different methods’.

Kingroot – How to root BlueStacks 3 using Kingroot

Kingroot is a very popular application which installs SU binary and root your device with just one click. It is the best alternative to Supersu apk because here you no need to be an advanced technical guy. Follow the below step by step guide;

Note:- You must have to enable internet connection otherwise this guide will not work for you.

1. First of all, download and install Kingroot apk (click here) on your BlueStacks 3 emulator.
2. Now, launch or open the application.
3. When you open the application. Kingroot will show you an error “root status error: Fix“. This means that your device is not rooted yet.
4. Now, you need to click on the ‘Android logo‘ (located at the center of the screen). This will start the installation process of su binary in your BlueStack.
5. Wait until the process gets completed. This will take few second or some minutes.
6. Now reboot your emulator.
7. That’s it.

BS Tweaker Tool – How to root BlueStacks 3 using BS tweaker

BS tweaker tool is itself an advanced tool created for tweaking the BlueStacks emulator. With the help of BS tweaker, you can easily change the device id, GUID, and IMEI number of your device. You can also root your emulator without any error.

Follow the below step by step guide:

1. The very first thing which you need to do is that download BS tweaker tool.

2. Now launch the BS tweaker. You need to run BS tweaker tool as administrator.

3. In the dashboard of BS, you will have several tabs. You need to select the “Main” tab and then click on the “Force Kill BS“. see below picture


4. And you need to wait until the BlueStacks and ADB indicators turn red. And then go to the “Helpers” tab. And there you need to click on “Unblock” (located near the “root for bluestacks option”). see below picture.


5. Now you need to go back to “Main tab” and then click on “Start BS“. see below picture.


6. Once the BlueStacks started. Then you need to go to the “**Helper**” tab and then click on “**Patch**”. see below picture


7. That’s it. Now your emulator is rooted.

If your bluestacks is still not rooted by following the above method or you are unable to apply the above tutorial. Then I have a solution for you.

You can download the pre-rooted bluestacks. This is an offline installed that means you do not need to have internet connection for installing the emulator. Download free offline pre-rooted bluestacks

How to verify whether your bluestacks rooted or not

There are several android apps at the Google play store for checking root access in your Android device. Follow the below guide:

1. First of all, download root checker from play store.

2. And then install the app in your bluestacks emulator.

3. Now open the root checker app.

4. And then tap on the “verify root access” button.

5. And now, wait until the app checks for root access. If the root checker prompts you to grant root access permission. Then tap on “Grant” option.

6. That’s it. You can see the something like below screenshot.


7. If the root checker app does not prompt you for granting root permission that means your emulator is not rooted yet. I will recommend you to download offline pre-rooted bluestacks (if you are not able to apply the root tutorial).

Thanks. I hope that the above step by step guide helped you to root your bluestacks android emulator. If you have any problem regarding the above tutorial, you can comment in the below comment box.

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