How Long Does Swappa Take to Ship

Swappa is a great place to buy and sell used gadgets online. People all over the USA have been using this online marketplace with success. However, we have seen questions like how long does Swappa take to ship arise from the users.

How Long Does Swappa Take to Ship

If you have the same questions or just want to have some detailed information about Swappa shipping methods, then you can keep reading the rest of the post. Because we are going to answer all of your questions related to shipping policy on Swappa.

So, let’s begin…

How Long Does Swappa Take To Ship?

There are various shipping methods you can use on Swappa. Depending on the shipping method, the shipping duration will differ. As a result, you will have to know which shipping methods you are using prior to knowing the answer.

Also, the shipping duration actually doesn’t depend on Swappa. As the shipping will be done by the seller, it will also depend on the seller. Swappa has fixed some shipping policy in place yet they don’t control the shipping methods. More on this topic will be found in the following sections. So, let’s proceed…

If You Use Express Shipping on Swappa:

Express shipping is the fastest way to get an item from Swappa. It is also known as the ‘Expedited Shipping’. Not all of the sellers might have this option. So, if you want to get the fastest delivery, then you will need to find a seller that offers ‘Express Shipping’ on orders. Here are some of the benefits of express shipping.

How Long Does Swappa Take to Ship

  • If Express Shipping is selected, the seller will ship the item on the same day or the next day
  • To be noted, it should be a business day. That means, if the item sells on Saturday, the seller will not be able to ship it Sunday. But they must ship it within Monday
  • Swappa has selected 3 shipping methods regarding ‘Express Shipping’ that are FedEx – Priority Overnight, UPS – Next Day Air Saver, and USPS – Priority Mail Express. So, the seller will use either of these shipping methods if you select the ‘Express Shipping’ method
  • If any shipping taxes are applicable based upon the product and the location of the buyer, the buyer would pay the fee. Interestingly, Swappa will calculate and add that automatically to the total price of the item during check out

Most of these Express shipping methods used in Swappa will deliver your product from 1 to 3 business days in the USA.

If You Use Normal Shipping on Swappa:

On the contrary, if you are not in a hurry, you can choose the normal shipping method as well. And, all of the sellers will have this option by default. So, you will be easily select this method during checkout. Here is more information on this shipping method.

  • Typically, if you have not selected the Express shipping, the seller would need to ship your purchased item within at least 2 business days
  • That means, if you have purchased the item on Monday, they will need to ship it within the next Tuesday
  • And, in case, if you order it on Saturday, they will need to ship the item within the next Tuesday as well due to the weekend

If you Buy Directly from Swappa:

Swappa also has their own store as well. So, if you don’t want to buy from the Swappa marketplace, you can also buy from Swappa directly. In that case, Swappa will handle everything from shipping to delivery. Here are some information about the Swappa Store shipping policy.

How Long Does Swappa Take to Ship

  • The shipping cost will be included in the ‘Buy Now’ price
  • The products will be shipped using USPS ground shipping
  • The products will be shipped from Kansas City, Missouri
  • Swappa will ship your product within the next business day

Additional Information on Swappa Shipping:

There are a few other important information about Swappa shipping you should be aware of. For instance, the seller will only ship the item after the buyer has paid the payment. If there are any issues with the payment like temporary hold by PayPal or failed payment, both the buyer and the seller need to talk about this to settle the issue. Also, the seller would always need to provide the tracking information, the moment they have shipped the item.

Our Last Words—How Long Does Swappa Take to Ship

It is clear that Swappa has some strict rules set up regarding the shipping method. In that sense, we can say that the seller must always ship the item within 2 business days. And if the buyer chooses Express shipping, then the seller must ship the item within the next day.

However, the delivery time will depend on the particular shipping method the buyer chooses and the location of both the buyer and the seller. We hope you have got the necessary information about the shipping duration on Swappa from this article. And, it will help you to choose the most suitable shipping method on Swappa.

So, do you use Swappa to buy or sell products? You can share your experience using Swappa in the comments section below!

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