How to Unlock LG MS330. Full Guide With Examples

Do you want to know how to unlock LG MS330 smartphone? Make sure to read the rest of the post to know more about this topic.

The LG MS330 is actually the LG K7. If you have bought the LG K7 from MetroPCS by T-Mobile, then you might know it as the LG MS330. This phone was released back in 2016. It came with a 5-inch IPS LCD display. It was available with both single and dual SIM. The phone was equipped with a 5 MP main camera and another 5 MP Selfie camera.

How to Unlock LG MS330

It came with 1.5 GB RAM. In terms of internal storage, it was available in 2 versions 8 GB and 16 GB. As usual, this phone was integrated with Android 5.1 or Lollipop. All in all, this phone was one of the best from LG at the time of its release. Now, in this post, we will be sharing various methods of unlocking the LG MS330 so that you can use any SIM cards on this phone.

So, let’s get to the good part…

Tutorial on How to Unlock LG MS330

There are many ways you can unlock the LG MS330. And, we will try to share a few of them here. However, not all of these methods will work for you. So, you might need to try a number of them to find the method that works the best for you. So, let’s go…

Method #1 Use the Device Unlock App

Generally, when you have bought the LG MS330, it should come with some pre-installed applications. Now, check on your phone and see if there is an app named Device Unlock. It should be under the MetroPCS folder. You will need to use this app to unblock your LG phone. In this section, we will reveal how to use this app to unlock your phone. Here we go…

Steps to Follow

  • Launch the Device Unlock app on your phone. Typically, it will be on the MetroPCS folder
  • Next, you have to tap on the Permanent Unlock button on the screen
  • At this point, you will see a notification saying, ‘Requesting for a Permanent Unlock. Please Wait…’
  • After a while, you will see a success message saying ‘Unlock Approved Mobile Device is permanently unlocked’
  • Now, you need to tap on the Restart Now button
  • And, your phone will restart and you will have an unlocked phone

Method #2 Contact the Customer Care

If you were not able to successfully follow the last method, there is another way. And in this method, you will not need to use any tricks. Rather, we are here to tell you that you need to contact the customer support team of Metro by T-Mobile for this.

So, after you contact them, you need to tell them you need to unlock your phone. Then they will share all the requirements and the procedure with you. In that case, you will have to follow all the instructions they offer. And you will find an unlocked LG MS330.

However, we also need to tell you that, this method might not work for some of you. In that case, you can skip it.

Method #3 If You Have the Unlock Code

Normally, you will need an unlock code to unlock your LG MS330. You can collect it from your service provider or websites like this or this. Now, once you have received the unlock code, then you can use it to unlock your phone. Let’s say you have already received the unlock code. So, what can you do now?

How to Unlock LG MS330

There are a few methods you can follow to unlock your phone using the unlock code. And, in this section of the post, we will share all of these methods one by one. You can try each one of them and see which one works the best. Let’s go then…

Procedure #1 Use an Unacceptable SIM

  • Frits of all, you need to turn off the phone
  • Next, you need to insert an unacceptable SIM card on the phone
  • After that, you will need to turn on the phone again
  • At this point, your phone will prompt you to enter the Unlock Code
  • So, you should enter the SIM Network Unlock PIN code and press the OK button
  • If the code was correct, your phone should be unlocked by now

Procedure #2 Use the Combo Code

What if you don’t have any other SIM cards than the original one? No problem at all. In this section, we will talk about this. Remember, once again, you must have the unlock code at your hand. Now let’s get to the tutorial.

Steps to Follow

  • Your phone should have the original SIM card
  • Now, dial 2945#*330# on your phone
  • Instantly, you will see a popup window. From there, you need to select the SIM Unlock option or the Network Lock option
  • Next, you will need to enter the unlock code and hit the OK button
  • After that, your phone might restart. However, if it doesn’t, then you should restart the phone

Procedure #3 Use another Combo Code

  • Your phone should be turned on and an unacceptable SIM card should be running
  • Now, you have to dial 2945#*20001# or 2945#*71001# on your phone
  • Instantly, you will see a popup menu will appear on the screen. And you will need to enter your Network Unlock code on the box and tap on the OK button
  • Your phone will restart on its own. Otherwise, you need to restart the phone
  • At this point, your LG MS330 will be unlocked and you can use any other unacceptable SIM cards

Procedure #4 Alternative Way

  • As usual, you need to use the original SIM card and turn the LG MS330 on
  • Next, you need to dial 2945#*71001# on your phone
  • After that, you will see the hidden menu has appeared on the screen
  • Now, you have to select the ‘Menu’ option
  • Next, you should select the Settings option
  • After that, you need to select the Security option
  • From there, you need to navigate to the Network Provider option
  • Finally, select the Deactivate option
  • After that, you will have to enter the unlock code that you have received and your phone will be unlocked

Procedure #5 Using an Unacceptable SIM Card

  • First of all, insert an unacceptable SIM card and turn on your phone
  • Next, you will see a popup on your phone saying Phone Restricted
  • At this point, you need to select the Cancel option
  • Next, you will be given a chance to enter the Unlock code
  • So, you have to enter the unlock code and select the OK option
  • Your phone might restart at this point
  • Or else, you need to restart your phone
  • And, your phone will be unlocked

Sum Up

The LG MS330 was a great phone. However, in most cases, you will get a locked phone. As a result, you will not be able to use any other SIMs on that phone. Because of that, you will need to unlock the phone first. And, we have tried to show you how to unlock the LG MS330 in this post. Not only that, but we have also shared multiple methods of unlocking your LG MS330.

We believe you will be able to unlock your phone after reading this post without any problem. Before you go, you can let us know about the particular method that worked for you. Also, if you have any questions, you can share them in the comments below. And, if this post was helpful to you, don’t hesitate to share this with others.

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