How Many Amazon Buyer Accounts Can You Have

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. It is very much likely that you have used Amazon for buying or selling any products online. But do you know how many Amazon buyer accounts can you have at the same time? No need to worry, if you don’t know the correct answer.

How Many Amazon Buyer Accounts Can You Have

Because in this post, we will be clearing up all your confusion about having multiple Amazon accounts and more. So, let’s learn more from the following section.

How Many Buyer Accounts Can You Have on Amazon?

In short, you can have unlimited buyer accounts on Amazon. Yes, you have heard it right. There are no limitations to having multiple accounts on Amazon. However, to create multiple accounts, you will need a new email address and a new phone number for each of your accounts.

So, the answer to your main question about having multiple Amazon buyer account is that you can have as many as possible buyer accounts on Amazon.

How Many Seller Accounts Can You Have on Amazon?

Eventually, you might have already noticed that we were talking about Amazon buyer’s account above. But what about the Amazon seller account? Matter of fact, primarily, you can only have 1 seller account on Amazon.

For your information, Amazon is very strict on this rule. So, if you try to create multiple seller accounts, all of your accounts might get permanently banned from Amazon.

How Many Amazon Buyer Accounts Can You Have

Now, what if you need more than one seller accounts on Amazon, anyway? There might be a way to do that as well. But for that, you have to contact Amazon customer service team directly via their ‘Seller Central Contact Us’ page. Then you can follow these steps described here…

  • After you have arrived on the Contact Us page, first click on the ‘Selling on Amazon’ option
  • Next, choose your account and next navigate to the ‘Other account Issues’ option

Now, you will have to make a request to Amazon about the new seller account you want to open. And, you will need to explain the legitimate reasons behind the need for a new seller account. Plus, there are some requirements you need to meet as well. Here are they…

  • For each of your Seller accounts, You must have different bank accounts
  • Of course, the accounts also need to have separate email addresses
  • The Performance Metrics of your current Seller account must be in good standing
  • Each seller account must be used to sell different products or services

If you have met all these requirements, then you can send a request by following the steps above to Amazon for opening a new seller account. Typically, Amazon will need 2-3 days to respond to your request.

How Many Amazon Buyer Accounts Can You Have

Remark: Opening multiple seller accounts on Amazon is a serious issue. If you don’t meet the requirements provided above, please don’t make the request for multiple seller accounts. Because it might get you banned permanently from selling on Amazon.

Can You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts With The Same Credit Card?

The answer to this question is simple. And, that is you can have multiple Buyer accounts on amazon with the same credit or debit card. But you cannot have multiple Seller accounts with the same credit or debit card. This is a direct violation of Amazon’s rules. As a result, it might even result in account termination.

Can You Link Multiple Amazon Accounts?

Interestingly, you can connect multiple Amazon accounts using the Amazon Household feature. However, if you are talking about linking up multiple email addresses to the same Amazon account, then it is not possible.

Now, the Amazon Household feature allows the users to connect their Amazon accounts and share the benefits across the family. Here are 3 ways, you can use the Amazon Household feature…

  • For Adults (Age 18 & Up): You can link up 2 adult accounts using the Amazon Household feature
  • For Children (Age 12 & Under): You can connect up to 4 Children accounts using the Amazon Household feature
  • For Teens (Age 13-17): You are allowed to connect up to 4 teen accounts using the Amazon Household feature

Added to many other benefits, you can share digital content like eBooks, apps, Audiobooks, and games, etc. with all the accounts you have connected using the Amazon Household feature.

Can You Have Both Amazon Seller And Buyer Account?

Yes, you can have both seller and buyer account on Amazon. However, you have to remember that you can normally have only 1 seller account. And there are no limitations when it comes to the number of Amazon buyer account.

Before We Go – How Many Amazon Buyer Accounts You Can Have:

If you have read the post above, it should be clear by now that you can open as many buyer accounts on Amazon. On the other hand, you can only open 1 Amazon seller accounts.

But, with special permission from Amazon, you might be able to open several seller accounts as well. We hope the information on this post will clear up any confusion you had regarding the Amazon account.

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