Asus Flash Tool v. download for Windows 32/64 bit


Are you looking for a direct download link of Asus flash tool for Windows 32/64 bit without any survey then you are the right place?

Asus flash tool is a tiny application which is used to flash Asus Zenfone or Padfone. This tool comes with a lot of native features i.e. flashing stock ROM or raw firmware, creating a complete backup of systems applications and files, restore the backup, display device information, etc.

Recently, I have made a tutorial on “How to use Asus flash tool to flash Zenfone and Padfone in just 2 minutes” (click here to read).

If your device is bricked or locked and you want to unlock your device then this flash tool will definitely help you. Currently, Asus flash tool supported on all the devices.

If the tool is not supporting to your device then comment at the below comment box. I have a collection of all the tools.

How to download Asus flash tool on Windows 32/64 bit.

The Asus flash tool is uploaded to the Google drive server. Just click on the below download button or link to download the Asus flash tool on your Windows 64/32 bit computer.

Download Asus Flash Tool

Supported Device’s List

A500CG, A11, A68M, A91, A400CG , A450CG , A501CG , A502CG, A500KL, A600CG, A601CG, FE170CG,FE171CG, FE171MG, FE375CG, FE375CXG, FE375CL, FE380CG, FE380CXG, ME70C, ME70CX, ME103K, ME170C, ME171C, ME175CG, ME176C, ME176CE, ME176CX, ME181C, ME181CX, ME372CG, ME372CL,
ME375CL, ME560CG, ME572C, ME572CL, ME581C, ME581CL, ME7530CL, PF400CG, PF400CL, PF451CL, PF500KL, TF103C, TF103CE, TF103CG, TF303CL, TF303K, Z170C, Z170CG, Z370C, Z370CG, Z580C, Z580CA, Z451CG, ZE500CL, ZE500KG, ZE500KL, ZE550ML, ZE551ML

6 thoughts on “Asus Flash Tool v. download for Windows 32/64 bit”

  1. i have an Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL that is having charging issues due to something gone wrong with the firmware…

    the phone i have tried to flash using SP flash tools and it will copy over the files but it seems its only copying and not doing some sort of setup as if it would if you done a reset

    my goal is to flash the rom and get the charging problem resolved but it seems with this Asus flash tool it will not work if the phone will not switch on or go into fastboot…. i do have all the MT USB vcom drivers and as mentioned above phone is connecting and communicating with laptop as i said tried SP flash tool to resolve the issues i am faced with

    just think of my charging issue like this its like putting a new sound card in a computer but not installing the drivers it as if the computer knows the sound card is there but will not work without the driver……. its like that with this phone it knows the charger is plugged in and knows the battery is connected but just will not charge ((( tho i do suspect the phone is charging but at a very little amount not enough to give it balls to switch on )))


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